Brighter teeth: Results already after a few days?

For the most part, this is all the information I have gathered and tested. There may be some products that I don't have the time or resources to test or review. However, if you find any that you think I've missed out on, please let me know in the comments!


Tobacco can give your teeth a dark appearance. The most obvious way it can do this is if you smoke. Most tobacco products contain ingredients that dull your teeth. Some of the more common ones include tobacco, menthol, and menthols. Some of the other common ingredients include xylitol, citric acid, and glycerin.

As well, cigarettes and cigars contain tobacco. This may actually be good for your teeth! Some studies have shown that smokers who regularly smoke also have a reduced rate of tooth decay.

Tobacco is the third leading cause of oral health problems. It causes plaque and tartar to build up in the gums and teeth. Many people who use tobacco also have high blood pressure and heart disease. In addition, tobacco is the second leading cause of cancer. The National Cancer Institute recommends that most people not smoke cigarettes for at least six months. However, if you do, you should try the "Tobacco Free" tooth whitening program.

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